A national provider of wireless voice, messaging and data services helped redefine the wireless industry with its innovation and forward-thinking approach to customer service. Its ongoing, intentional efforts to improve the customer experience and overall satisfaction led to a large customer following and a significant increase in new customers. However, as more customers visited its stores, wait times increased, which led to a decline in customer engagement and missed sales opportunities.

Infinea Tab M for iPad Mini
Infinea Tab M for iPad Mini

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The company approached Infinite Peripherals (IPC) in search of a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution to expedite checkout. IPC partnered with the retailer to integrate the solution properly and to discover opportunities where mobility would deliver the most benefit.

They chose IPC’s Infinea® Tab M for iPad® mini with a custom-branded case. Given its compact size, the Infinea Tab M is easy for sales associates to carry when attending to customers. And with a barcode imager and magnetic stripe card reader, the device enables sales associates to handle customer purchases from anywhere in the store and allows them to process individual bill payments quickly and efficiently.

The tablet-based solution empowers sales associates to move from behind the counter so customers can see the entire transaction process from start to finish, making them more comfortable during the purchase. The mobility of the mPOS solution also makes it easier for sales associates to upsell by introducing accessories and other related products to customers.


1D/2D Barcode Imager
Magnetic Stripe Reader
Wireless Retailer Wall Display

Since going mobile, the wireless provider has seen a significant decrease in customer wait times, thereby improving customer service and overall satisfaction. When sales associates can meet with their customers anywhere in the store, they can answer questions quickly, save sales and give customers a fast, efficient experience. Plus, custom-branded iPad mini payment devices provide a sleek image that reflects this brand’s edge in innovation and new technology.

Customer Wait Time
Wait Time
Customer Service
Customer Service
Customer Satisfaction
Overall Satisfaction
Secure Stand

Secure Stand
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