Vendini is all about making the business of live events simple. They’ve designed their all-in-one system to help organizations easily promote events, take donations, and leverage mobile ticketing and customer insights to deepen experiences with audiences.

Partnering with event venues such as theaters, concert halls, museums, tours, universities, live music and festivals, Vendini helps organizations easily promote events, deepen experiences with their audiences, and ultimately sell more tickets. Vendini solutions include mobile ticketing, box office management, onsite scanning and check-in, and patron management.

The former barcode scanners Vendini used impeded the company from fully achieving its mission. The scanners were heavy and operated on a closed platform. They also tethered users to a computer—significantly limiting their usability and convenience. Furthermore, the scanners were prohibitively expensive, which restricted their application for Vendini clients.

The clients were thus eager for a more user-friendly scanner. Vendini also sought greater mobility capabilities so it could enable clients to sell tickets anywhere and quickly admit patrons to boost attendance and deliver better service.


To solve the challenge, the Vendini team searched for a high-quality, simple solution that did not require tech-savvy skills. The company found the ideal fit with Infinite Peripherals® (IPC) and its Linea Pro® and Infinea® Tab peripherals, which work seamlessly with the iPod touch®, iPhone® and iPad® devices.

Running on Vendini’s TicketScan and TicketAgent software, these devices cost a fraction of the former scanners. They are also entirely mobile and offer the intuitive, familiar iOS interface.

Scanning Wrist Strap

With TicketScan running on IPC devices, Vendini clients can equip more staffers at multiple venue entrances to scan tickets and RFID wristbands as they admit patrons more rapidly and more efficiently. The combined solution also enables venues to control ticket fraud while gaining insights into peak entrance times and discover the busiest gates. As an added benefit, Vendini clients can quickly identify VIPs and generate instant notifications sent to site managers.

Also utilizing IPC devices, the Vendini TicketAgent solution eliminates the need for client agents to be tied to the box office. They can now sell tickets anywhere, swiping a credit card and printing a ticket via a Bluetooth® mobile printer.

In addition, Vendini clients can now line-bust onsite at the box office and sell in the community as well as special events, such as farmer’s markets, community events, festivals and athletic events. Clients can also view available seats via an interactive map that updates and monitors all sales activity in real time, including website sales.

Vendini On-Site & In The Community

Farmers Market
High School Athletic Events
Special Events

The TicketAgent app presents event staff with real time updates of seating availability via an interactive map

For Sale
Your Seats
Accessible Seats
Scanning Wrist Strap
Reduced Staff Training Time
High School Athletic Events
Special Events

Upon deploying more than 1,000 IPC units in North America, Vendini clients have increased sales, minimized staff training, improved patron satisfaction, and benefited from the obvious “hip factor” afforded by the sleek mobile solutions. As one of the first in its industry to offer this solution, Vendini recognizes the clear competitive advantages that IPC delivers.