Our airline partner flies almost 5,000 flights a day to over 300 airports across six continents. On board, their flight attendants had been using a mobility device with limited functionality: it could accept payments, but it could not perform other important functions like viewing the seating chart and checking flight delays. The device’s inability to adapt to other needs meant lost opportunities for increased efficiency and elevated customer service.

In a push to upgrade its mobility operations at the end of 2014, this airline provided Apple® iPhone® 6 Plus devices to its 20,000+ flight attendants. Once equipped with the iPhone 6 Plus, they contacted several companies seeking a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) device compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus. Unfortunately, there were very few commercial adaptations for the new 6 Plus available in the market that met their needs.

Infinea Tab M for iPhone 6 Plus
Infinea Tab M for iPhone 6 Plus

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Apto Flex Case
Customized Apto Flex Case

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As the leader in enterprise mobility solutions, Infinite Peripherals (IPC) was ready with a powerful commercial adaptation for the iPhone 6 Plus: the Infinea Tab M. IPC was also the only company that could provide a fully PCI-SRED certified mag-stripe version within an accelerated timeline.

The airline already had an application ready to go that performed transactions and other airline specific functions. However, they deferred to IPC’s software expertise and asked them to create an additional custom application to ensure extra credit card security for protecting customer information.

Flight Attendant Mobile POS

IPC completed the tailor-made solution with a sleek custom case featuring their brand colors and identity as well as a strategically placed ergonomic hand strap for ease and comfort. In all, Infinite Peripherals responded quickly and accurately to their desire for a mutually better experience for their employees and their customers.

Hand Holding Infinea Tab M

Apto Accessory
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