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Bell Nursery is the largest wholesale nursery grower in the mid-Atlantic, and the 11th largest in the nation. Bell and its network of growers produce and ship more than 100 million plants annually to be sold exclusively at The Home Depot in more than 170 stores nationally.

With all of that perishable product, inventory management is critical. However, Bell was managing its inventory using a slow, paper-based process that was prone to errors; the company lost millions of dollars each year in inventory waste.

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In an effort to mobilize its supply chain, Bell selected a new system that combines Infinite Peripherals’ (IPC’s) Linea Pro® for iPhone® with secure mobile apps from IPC partner Webalo. Replacing the paper-based process, the new inventory management system delivers fast, accurate scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes and long-lasting performance in demanding warehouse environments.

Now, Bell Nursery employees – as many as 1,700 in the busy season – can manage inventory more efficiently and access accurate, real-time data for 400 to 600 SKUs across 200 locations.

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By overhauling Bell’s inventory management process, IPC and Webalo helped provide the company with real-time intelligence into its entire supply chain. Employees now can manage shipments and placements of all its plants from grower to checkout, identifying and moving perishable plants from where they are not selling to stores where they are in demand.

The new system has been a game changer for Bell Nursery, decreasing inventory waste by 50% and cutting Bell’s annual wastage cost from approximately $20 million to $13 million.

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