With more than 20,000 retail stores in 66 countries, this company has committed to being a premier coffee retailer since 1971. Quality, speed and service create the foundation from which the company is built. It expects the best, because its customers expect the best.

This retailer faced a common challenge: how to save time and money? Using mobile technology, the coffee retailer sought to reduce the time it took to complete its monthly inventory, while also incorporating other back office applications such as time and attendance check-in.

Linea Pro 5 for iPhone® 5
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In a competition for this coffee chain’s business, Infinite Peripherals (IPC) stood out with its ability to partner with the retailer to deliver a customized solution. IPC understood the importance of the retailer’s identity, so it created a custom-branded case and added a hand strap to make it easier for employees to hold while completing inventory. The company also appreciated that any issues during testing were quickly resolved, and that IPC delivered a fast, reliable scanner to save time and money.

The retailer purchased more than 5,000 Linea Pro 5 devices for the Apple® iPod® touch 5th generation. The size and feel, coupled with the custom-branded case with hand strap, made it a perfect inventory solution.

With the improved inventory process that involved scanning barcodes with the Linea Pro device, the coffee chain reduced monthly inventory time by 50 percent – from four hours to two. Using just one device per store, the company now can handle inventory, time and attendance, and receipt of daily deliveries. The mobile device’s functionality and design take the fast-paced environment in the front of house to the back office, allowing the coffee retailer to be efficient in all aspects of its business.

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