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Management Beyond the Smartphone

The first enterprise Mobile Peripheral Management software solution.

Don't just manage the devices, manage the peripherals, and do it through a cloud-based solution that expands the realm of mobile device management to include peripherals like barcode readers, mobile printers and mobile payment terminals.

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Having full visibility into mobile peripheral devices is something that our customers require to be successful when running mission critical business workflows. Infinite Peripherals CEO Jeff Scott

Peripheral Change Management

The centralized management console presents a window to all deployed devices and associated peripherals. InfineaIQ not only provides visibility into peripheral settings such as firmware version, scan mode settings, payment settings, and application settings, it can be used to remotely update and change these configurations over-the-air.

Mobile Device Application Icon
Mobile Device Application Icon

Asset Management

Know who and where peripheral devices are being used through automatic data collections and update assignment tags. Managing 10s, 100s, or 1000s of peripherals is now made easy.

Metric Collection (Data Analytics)

Through the use of IQ Extensions and their inherent Metadata reporting capabilities, the collection of key counters and metrics is made simple. When using the InfineaIQ framework with your application key, data points can be captured and presented, all within a central repository for business intelligence reporting.

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