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Epic Rover app image

Epic Rover

Software provider for secure access to electronic health records, patient management, and medication administration.

Epic Rover is a mobile app from Epic Systems that allows clinicians to record documentation and conduct barcode validation at the point of care. Rover facilitates BCMA (Barcode Medication Administration) to ensure the right medication reaches the right patient. This software connects to Epic’s central data repository in real time, providing access to patient lists, charts, and other critical information.

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Meditech Expanse app image

Meditech Expanse

A leading Enterprise Health Record (EHR) software platform for hospitals and other healthcare providers.

Improve patient care from a single Enterprise Health Record (EHR) system. Meditech gives healthcare providers the tools and convenience to access secure patient records anytime, anywhere. The Meditech platform allows users to see the whole picture with customizable layouts for a personalized experience.

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Appetize app image


A modern enterprise point-of-sale (POS) software provider for retail and hospitality.

Offer a premium experience with Appetize. Appetize partners with event venues, teams, and artists across the US to provide a customizable cloud-based mobile ordering and secure point-of-sale platform. Appetize offers an easy way to deploy, maintain, and manage their enterprise in real-time. The cloud provides a centralized and reliable management platform for all devices and locations with real-time updates and data reporting.

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A leading provider of quality ID scanning software for quick, easy, and secure identification capture. provides businesses with the highest quality ID scanning solutions to quickly and easily capture and verify an individual’s information. Within a second and with 100% accuracy, this technology tells front line staff everything they need to know about the person standing in front of them. works with leaders across industries from gaming and hospitality to retail and finance.

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FoundryLogic app image


Industry leading developer of Mobile Business Applications for retail inventory and point-of-sale (POS).

Improve customer experience and increase sales with FoundryLogic. This software helps enterprises do business anytime, anywhere with retail inventory and point-of-sale (POS) applications. FoundryLogic works on iPhone and iPad to enable mobile sales on the store floor and real-time inventory insight.

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Oracle xStore app image

Oracle xStore

A point-of-service platform for retail that enables complete inventory visibility, live insights, and transactions.

A robust point-of-service functionality and platform enabling retail staff to deliver on brand promise in store with inventory visibility, customer intelligence, and seamless transactions. Oracle xStore enables secure transactions and point-of-sale (POS), in-store clienteling, loyalty initiatives, and promotions through an intuitive, independent platform.

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Square SDK app image

Square SDK

An easy, intuitive, and reliable platform for handling in-person payments with Square card reader.

Powering your app through Square hardware. Square SDK allows users to quickly create in-person payment solutions with built-in EMV and PCI compliance. This platform handles security and compliance, scalability and integrations, and payments and disputes. The Square SDK allows businesses to create unlimited enterprise solutions.

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eMobile POS app image

eMobile POS

A software platform that allows vendors and retailers to accept payments on Android, Apple, and Windows devices anytime, anywhere.

With more than 3 billion transactions processed and thousands of merchants served, eMobile POS is a pioneer in mobile point-of-sale solutions. This software helps small and medium businesses, retailers, restaurants, and large enterprises process payments and manage inventory.

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Webalo app image


A UX platform for actionable insights and real-time data visibility for logistics and supply chain.

Webalo provides the app generation infrastructure for companies to transform their organizations. Webalo’s patented technology enables companies to turn their enterprise applications into actionable, persona-based applications, where each user has just the information they need, on their device, to help them get their job done. Webalo is enterprise-ready, built to operate in the face of massive amounts of real-time transactional usage by thousands of users, helping them to make better, more informed decisions and to make their businesses more productive.

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Comply 365 app image

Comply 365

A software as a service platform that offers a variety of enterprise mobility solutions for efficient management.

Mobilize what matters with Comply 365. This software specializes in developing disruptive mobile solutions that transform the complex and outdated processes that often plague businesses in highly-regulated industries. Comply 365 helps companies revolutionize their operations, save costs, and increase productivity.

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