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Infinite Peripherals Supply Chain Mobility Solutions Expert Mark Uppaluri
Infinite Peripherals Supply Chain Mobility Solutions Expert Mark Uppaluri

Meet Mark


Head of Supply Chain

Previous Employment


Industry Experience

27 Years


Mark Uppaluri started his career in the U. S. Navy as an electronics intelligence analyst. After the Navy, Mark continued to hone his skills in logistics and technology at various companies, including Northrop-Grumman, Microsoft, Real Time Data, and PepsiCo. With over a dozen years at PepsiCo, Mark conceived and developed innovative supply chain solutions to increase front line productivity. Mark takes great pride in knowing that every Pepsi in-store merchandiser, warehouse picker, and delivery driver in North America has some part of their work conceived, designed, tested, and deployed by Mark and his team. At Infinite Peripherals, Mark helps businesses improve any and every aspect of their supply chain; from warehousing to regulations and last-mile delivery.

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