Infinite Peripherals Improves Patient Care with the Infinea X for Apple® iPhone®

The #1 ranked hospital in the U.S. is deploying more than 10,000 Infinea X devices, empowering staff and allowing them to provide the best care to every patient while improving accuracy and efficiency

Irvine, Calif. – March 6, 2018 – Today, Infinite Peripherals, a leader in enterprise mobility solutions, announced the launch of the Infinea X for iPhone® 6S, 7 and 8. The Infinea X is an all-in-one healthcare solution, mobilizing nursing staff, practitioners and healthcare workers to handle multiple workflows and increase patient satisfaction.

According to a recent report by Sapio Research, 93 percent of healthcare IT purchase decision-makers consider mobile strategies essential or absolutely essential to their healthcare organization. While 67 percent currently have a mobile strategy in place, just over a quarter are having all of their mobile needs met. These mobile strategies are traditionally technology-led endeavors as opposed to clinically-led initiatives with one in five organizations failing to include clinicians on mobile strategy teams.

Healthcare IT purchase decision makers also reported increased patient interaction (45 percent) and time efficiency (38 percent) are the top priorities for implementing mobile strategies. The Infinea X allows organizations to achieve both. Infinea X automates important tasks so healthcare practitioners can focus more on the patient’s overall experience.

Both employees and healthcare organizations prefer iOS solutions as compared to other platforms. To meet this preference, the Infinea X transforms the iPhone 6S, 7, or 8, into an operational tool for healthcare professionals, ensuring accurate administration of medication, automating data capture and managing inventory. Currently, the Infinea X is utilized by some of the top U.S. hospitals with thousands of units in use.

“The Infinea X is the ‘go-to’ choice for our healthcare customers looking for innovative, Apple-based mobile solutions,” said Greg Werchowski, VP – Healthcare Division, Paragon Development Systems, an Infinite Peripherals partner. “We work with hundreds of technology providers to support our #1 healthcare customer and the Infinea X in particular, excels with this customer because of its product durability, customizable features and the unparalleled support from the Infinite Peripherals team.”

Infinea X - Customizable clinical LED alert system, with varying color, sound and vibration capabilities
Customizable clinical LED alert system, with varying color, sound and vibration capabilities

Currently, one in five organizations suffer from security integration issues. Streamlining user authentication through the Infinea X ensures that healthcare staff can quickly and securely access accurate prescriptions and patient data, while the ruggedized case includes LED light indicators which can be customized to provide hospital or unit-specific alerts.

“We worked very closely with hospitals and clinics to design the Infinea X to meet their needs with their mobile peripheral strategy. As a result, it’s exciting to see so many of the top hospitals have chosen the Infinea X for improving patient care,” said Ralph Ignacio, Vice-President of Healthcare, Infinite Peripherals. “We see Infinea X as more than just a tool. It’s a way to dramatically transform how healthcare professionals are able to care for their patients, reduce medical errors and increase productivity.”

The Infinea X provides quality care while prioritizing patient safety and peace of mind. By transmitting data in real-time, the Infinea X features an integrated experience for both patients and healthcare professionals. Per the Sapio report, nearly two out of three healthcare systems do not have RFID badge readers and vibration motors which Infinea X includes as part of the standard offering. Applications such as barcode medication administration allows healthcare providers to streamline their operations at the touch of a button.

Key features of the Infinea X include:

  • All-in-one solution combines RFID badge reader, 24/7 usage with hot-swappable battery, bluetooth capability and high speed barcode scanner
  • Customizable clinical communication alert system with visual, physical and audio cues
  • EMR proven and certified
  • Simple integration with easy-to-use API/SDK
  • Ruggedized case provides durability and stability with IP54 and drop ratings

Come see the Infinea X in action at HIMSS 2018 at Infinite Peripherals’ Booth #3271. To schedule an appointment, contact Sharon Runyon, Director of Marketing at [email protected].

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