Mobilizing Patient Care

The modern hospital is anything but idle or predictable. Now more than ever, healthcare providers need the ability to do business anywhere, at any time. That’s why at Infinite Peripherals, we’re redefining healthcare mobility with highly intuitive and customizble solutions designed to move medical professionals forward. After all, your healthcare providers shouldn’t be held back by yesterday’s technologies, It should be mobilized by today’s solutions. At Inifinite Peripherals, we do more than just liberate healthcare providers from limitations. We Mobilize Patient Care.


The Infinea X combines the capabilities of several healthcare devices into an easy-to-use mobile solution.

Built for Healthcare

Designed to meet the unique challenges of the clinical environment and rigorous demands of the clinical user.

Patient Care

Improve patient care while meeting important safety compliances. Caregivers can support the five rights of BCMA by ensuring the proper medication is administered to the right patient. Streamline communications among clinical staff at the point of care by providing real-time mobile access to patient records, secure messaging, VOIP and nurse call systems.


Easily manage, track, and fulfill medication orders with speed and accuracy using high- performance barcode scanning. The Infinea X lets you seamlessly transition between dispensing medication, ensuring PPID, accepting electronic signatures, and processing payments.

Emergency Transportation

The Infinea X is designed to endure the demanding environment of EMS field operations protecting your mobile investment. The various alert options can collaborate with a variety of mobile apps to put critical information at first responders fingertips in real time.


Phlebotomists and caregivers can scan patient wristbands, print specimen barcodes and review laboratory test orders all from the point of collection. The Infinea X’s variety of integration tools can help simplify the data transfer to some of the most popular Lab Info Software (LIS).

Materials Management

Accurately track medical supplies and equipment with high-speed barcode scanning combined with software development tools that enable integration to a variety of asset management software. Optional and removable trigger grips or counter stand adapters can be added for supporting hands-free scanning and high-volume workflows.

Device Management

Our exclusive mobile peripheral management cloud based software, Infinea IQ, compliments some of the leading mobile device management (MDM) solutions. This integrated approach allows IT and operations departments to monitor, remotely secure, and update mobile devices as well as the peripherals, from a single dashboard.

The Infinea X is the ‘go-to’ choice for our healthcare customers looking for innovative, Apple-based mobile solutions. We work with hundreds of technology providers to support our #1 healthcare customer and the Infinea X in particular, excels with this customer because of its product durability, customizable features and the unparalleled support from the Infinite Peripherals team.
Greg Werchowski, VP – Healthcare Division Paragon Development Systems, an Infinite Peripherals partner

Ease of Integration

The Infinea X offers a variety of software tools to simplify your connectivity, workflow tasks, and ability to support your existing infrastructure.

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Clinical Communication Alerts

The Infinea X allows you to customize your user experience and support a variety of Clinical Communication requirements.

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Features & Benefits

1D/2D Barcode Scanner

Hot Swappable Battery

RFID Badge Reader

Bluetooth Compatibility

IP 54 Rating

4' Concrete Drop Rating

Custom Glass Screen Protector

Easy to Use API/SDK

Web Based Interface Options

MDM Support

EMR Proven & Certified

LED Indicators

Adjustable Vibration Motor

Adjustable Buzzer/Alarm

Push to Talk

Programmable Buttons

Our Clients

Infinea X has been chosen by some of the world’s leading hospitals in various departments to empower their staff to provide better patient care.

Want to find out how Infinea X can help you?

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