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Infinea Tab C for iPhone Plus

iPhone 6+ iPhone 6S+ iPhone 7+ iPhone 8+
EMV Chip MSR NFC 2D Scan 1D Scan

The Infinea Tab C turns your iPhone Plus into a secure payment terminal with EMV certified smart card reader plus 1D/2D barcode scanner. With Bluetooth-enabled connectivity and intuitive SDK, the Infinea Tab C is customizable based on your existing workflow.

  • Promotes visibility on 5.5” iPhone Plus Retina HD display
  • Mobile payment options including bidirectional Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR), EMV (Chip), and optional Near Field Communication (NFC) functions including Apple Pay and Samsung Pay
  • 1D/2D barcode scanner reads barcodes in any direction
  • Intuitive SDK for software integration
Infinea Tab C for iPhone Plus

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Infinea Tab C for iPhone Plus Flex Case
Infinea Tab C iPhone Plus

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