The Tricks and Treats of Enterprise Mobility

Infinite Peripherals
Infinite Peripherals   |   Posted October 18, 2018

Halloween is an important holiday for retailers. Not only does it account for 20% of annual retail sales in the United States, but it often signals how well they’ll do for Black Friday and the holiday season. This year, Halloween retail spending is predicted to reach $9 billion. In order to get a head start on the holidays, both traditional Halloween stores and other retailers have incorporated mobile strategies to grow their sales.

Prioritizing mobility shouldn’t be spooky this Halloween. Whether you’re selling pounds of candy or pet pumpkin costumes, mobility solutions allow retailers to do business anywhere, anytime. In honor of Halloween, we’re giving you the tricks and treats that you might not know about mobility. Follow the treats and avoid the tricks to keep candy on your shelves and paying customers visiting your store.

Treat- Upsell an Experience

What’s the one way to differentiate your business from your competitors? Create an experience unique to your company or brand. What do you want customers to remember about your store? Perhaps your employees use a mobile Point of Sale device so customers can make a transaction anywhere in the store. Maybe you use a self-service kiosk in your store so customers can scan for prices or information. Mobility enables an experience beyond a simple transaction.

Trick- Don’t go Mobile without Understanding Mobility

Mobility doesn’t happen overnight. Some businesses look for out of the box solutions without understanding what is required for an integrated and seamless mobile workflow. Know your needs. Do you want hardware, or software, or both? Does your business have a network that has enough bandwidth for a cohesive mobile workflow? Understanding mobility, as well as your unique enterprise needs, will help everything seem less spooky. 

Trick- Don’t Overcomplicate your Mobile Solution

We believe in mobility with simplicity. To keep it simple, businesses must prioritize ease of use and trainability. We create enterprise-class solutions on familiar devices. Your mobility solution should not require a college-level training course for your employees. The simpler, the better in our opinion.

Treat- Reimagine your Business

Has your business been doing things “the old way” for a while? Well, implementing mobility solutions help companies truly customize their workflow. After all, nobody understands your unique business needs better than you. Maybe your employees still use clipboards and pencils to track product inventory, and you think that time could be put to better use. Mobility devices, such as handheld barcode scanners, allow you to redefine your workflow entirely.

Whether you’re a Halloween retailer or an innovate business curious about customizable mobile solutions, Infinite Peripherals has a treat for you. Visit our website to step into the not-so-spooky world of enterprise mobility.