Retail Technologies Increase Customer Engagement and Build Loyalty

Infinite Peripherals
Infinite Peripherals   |   Posted July 30, 2018

Customer satisfaction is the foundation of retail success. These days, achieving that satisfaction can be a tough obstacle for retailers. With a consistent stream of advertisements and promotions across digital platforms, consumers have higher expectations for their shopping experience. This gives customers more options than ever before.

We live in an ever-growing mobile world. In fact, the majority (63%) of smartphone owners worldwide use their mobile device at least once every 30 minutes. Shoppers also rely on their mobile devices to search, compare, determine availability and delivery times, and read customer reviews. Pricing and promotions are researched by 81% of shoppers. Consumers have the power to ensure they are making the best purchasing decision available. And the power is at their fingertips.

If technology is the linchpin of the buyer’s journey, it should also be an integrated part of a retailer’s in-store shopping experience. Adopting mobile technologies gives retailers a huge opportunity to benefit from the digital age. And the time is now! With a multitude of resources and options available, adaptation challenges present new avenues for retail growth and personalization. Mobile technologies bring expanded options, infinite possibilities, and creative, custom solutions.

Benefits of Implementing Digital Solutions in Retail

Flexible and Fast Checkout

Everybody dislikes needlessly waiting in line. Especially your customers. Efficiency is the major key to customer satisfaction, and with the option to purchase items online and have them quickly delivered, a consumer’s in-store journey must be seamless and easy. Shoppers “like to be able to pay from anywhere in the store, indicating that digital scanning technologies will play a growing role in retail,” WWD recaps from the HRC Retail Advisory’s recent survey. Stores that incorporate solutions such as mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) and self-checkout options enhance the consumer’s shopping experience.

Inventory and Pricing

Inventory is one of retailers’ greatest obstacles to creating a true Omni channel supply-chain. When shoppers have an out-of-inventory experience, they want immediate options and solutions to consider. Accessorized mobile devices and specialized kiosks allow customers to easily find the price of an item without waiting in line, which is their preference. Additionally, these devices can check the inventory of an item. If it is not in stock, the ability to order an item with free shipping reduces the chance of a lost sale.

Improved Customer Experience

The best way to keep customers returning is to provide an enjoyable in-store shopping experience. By incorporating scanning and payment technologies, customers can visit an employee anywhere in the store, ask questions, and make a purchase, all in the same, simple interaction. This collaborative, personal shopping experience is hassle-free and keeps pace with the quick and efficient shopping style that customers are used to.

Build a Digital Reputation

We live in a viral world where the power of reviews can truly make or break a business. By creating an enjoyable shopping experience as well as a mobile platform, retailers can provide product reviews and specialized knowledge. An online presence also builds community on social sharing websites. This is dually beneficial as it encourages customers to share experiences, opinions, style advice, and more. By implanting the relevant technologies and mobile platforms, retailers will create the interactive relationships that keeps guests coming back.

Integrating mobile technologies in retail is an essential strategy for growth. In fact, “retailers deploying in-store mobile effectively are projected to have an increase of 146% in sales growth in 2018.” The physical store remains a vital part of today’s shopping experience. These technologies can create a buying experience that merges the convenience of online with the personal experience benefits of in-store shopping.

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