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MAGLINQ Paves a New Road in Fleet Safety

Infinite Peripherals
Infinite Peripherals   |   Posted October 03, 2018

With millions of trucks on the road at any given moment, it is understandable that accidents happen. Long hours, winding roads, and distracted driving are just some examples of misfortunes that come with the open road. From a fender bender to an overturned vehicle, fleet operators risk the possibility of millions of dollars in liability. In fact, a leading U.S. beverage distributor carries millions of dollars in liability each year. Monitoring drivers, records of duty, and other important roadside data have become the main challenge for companies with large fleets. How does a company promote safety without sacrificing efficiency?

That brings us to December 2015, when Congress passed a law enforcing another level in fleet safety. The mandate, known as the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rule seeks to make it easier for companies to track and manage Record of Duty Status (RODS) by requiring that all carriers implement ELDs in each vehicle. The Electronic Logging Device will provide more accurate service data by synchronizing with vehicle engines to automatically record driving time. The final deadline for carriers to fully implement a comprehensive ELD system is December 16, 2019.

A Balancing Act

A large, liquid refreshment beverage company in the U.S. wanted to take their ELD compliance to the next level while saving costs along the way. To this company, fleet safety was of paramount importance, and they wanted to become ELD compliant with an out of the box mobility solution. Essentially, this leading beverage distributor sought to establish safe driving and logging procedures without imposing further hassle on the workers behind the wheel.

In order to do right by their employees, this company chose the iPhone as their logging device of choice. Not only did each employee receive an iPhone to monitor their hours of service and vehicle data, but the drivers were also allowed to use the device for individual purposes. As a result, implementing an iOS-based logging system helped recording seem less tedious and more familiar.

However, some drivers make more than 20 deliveries a day. Each delivery involves plugging and unplugging the device from a charging port or vehicle mount. Because of consistent unplugging, the wires and charging ports accumulate significant wear and tear from daily use. This forward-thinking company decided they wanted to make it even easier on the driver and save money on replacing cords and fixing devices. How could this company eliminate the constant plugging and unplugging? That’s where we came in.

Solution- Ditch the wires & Close the Loop

As pioneers who empower businesses to achieve the next step in enterprise mobility, Infinite Peripherals wanted to provide a durable solution for the beverage distributor’s existing ELD system. Our mobility experts worked closely with the company to recommend a better way to plug and unplug the phone. The best way to do that? Eliminate the plugging altogether. To make it easier for the driver and cost-effective for the company, Infinite Peripherals helped implement MAGLINQ for Enterprise Fleet Safety. MAGLINQ is a magnetic iPhone case that holds the device securely to the MAGLINQ vehicle mount. The MAGLINQ’s powerful magnetic connection allows for easy docking and convenient charging. As soon as the MAGLINQ enabled device is docked into the mount, it immediately starts charging, logging, and syncing data. Through close collaboration with this leading beverage distributor, Infinite Peripherals helped the company set a new precedent in ELD compliance.


In just six months, we’ve helped one of the nation’s leading beverage distributors deploy over 12,000 of our MAGLINQ for Enterprise Fleet Safety solutions in delivery trucks across the United States. Above all, they have successfully equipped their team with the right tools to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road and focus on what matters: safety.

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