Catch me if you can: How Casinos can Catch Up to Tech Trends

Casino Mobility- Infinite Peripherals

Mobility enables casinos to provide a more integrated guest experience and appeal to younger gamblers.

Global Gaming Expo 2018

This week, the largest gathering of global, commercial, and tribal gaming professionals in North America arrives in Las Vegas to exhibit the latest innovations disrupting the casino industry. A glance at the breadth of topics covered during the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) reveals rapid shifts within the industry. From eSports and legalized sports betting to integrated casino retail and dining, 2018 is a high stakes year for innovation. As we’ve seen with retail, technological innovation appears to be a make or break decision for casinos and resorts across the country.

Millennials Spend Less on Gambling, More on Experience

The ways in which casinos adapt to shifts in guest expectations and technology could be the difference between struggling to remain relevant and gaining the upper hand. Take, for instance, the millennials, a generation uprooting traditional notions of brand loyalty and buying habits. According to a recent Stockton University study, millennials are spending less money on gambling than older generations. Only 8.5% of a millennial’s budget is spent on gambling, which represents a significant drop from the 23.5% spent by non-millennials. However, this decrease is not necessarily bad news. Millennials actually tend to spend more money than other generations on the “gaming experience”, including nightclubs, food, and transportation.

This poses a unique challenge for casinos to diversify the guest experience beyond just gambling. Technology will play a key role in this equation as it becomes a more integrated part of the younger generations.

Learning from Retail Innovation

When it comes to speaking the digital language, casinos still have much to learn from the retail giants. Whether they know it or not, casinos should implement the technology-enabled solutions driving the retail boom. Retailers like Amazon not only deliver a fast and convenient buying experience but also use advanced algorithms to anticipate customers’ needs before a single click.

Enterprise mobility allows businesses to better serve their customers around the clock. This is good news for casinos; an industry that runs 24/7. Every moment a guest spends waiting in line is a dollar away from a slot machine, nightclub, or restaurant. Luckily, fully integrated mobility solutions already exist to streamline the guest experience and employee workflow. Imagine a casino that connects guests and employees through a digital platform, with the ability to serve guests anywhere on the casino floor. Versatile technology is the future of an integrated casino experience. And the future is finally here.

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