Giving Thanks

Sharon Runyon
Sharon Runyon   |   Posted November 21, 2018

The holiday season is officially here. Halloween ends, the pumpkins retreat, and the festive lights begin to decorate the trees. As soon as November 1st hits the calendars, it is common to hear the cheerful hum of holiday music chiming through the radio. People love the holidays. Whether it’s the chance to see faraway family, the indulgence of a holiday treat, or the time off of work, the holidays are an opportunity to reset and take inventory of what we’re truly thankful for.

In honor of Thanksgiving, we would like to join the rest of America and businesses across the county in taking a moment to unwind and be grateful while we look ahead to 2019. As digital trends catch on every day and emerging technologies begin to take hold, we are eager to unveil a year of exciting new products, new partnerships, and opportunities for growth.

But before we get there, before Black Friday, and before we meet the buzz of the holidays, we want to say thank you. Thank you to our customers who we value as collaborators working towards a common goal. Thank you to our followers who share our posts and exciting news. Thank you to our employees who work hard in every department, whether it be the renderings of new devices or the shipping of orders to customers.

We want to thank you all. Happy Thanksgiving.


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