Epic UGM 2018: A New Frontier in Healthcare Technology

Infinite Peripherals
Infinite Peripherals   |   Posted August 27, 2017

On August 27, thousands of healthcare thought leaders and prominent innovators will flock to Verona, Wisconsin to attend the Epic UGM tradeshow. This year’s theme, “The Great Outdoors,” seems less of a step into the robotic world of our digital future, but a peaceful, backwoods retreat. With treehouses as conference rooms, a wizard-themed auditorium, and even a moat with a drawbridge, Verona is truly its own world. “The Great Outdoors” aims to symbolize the expansive, ever-changing healthcare technology landscape. Perhaps a complete departure from the metallic, sterile world of hospital gadgets is just the place to explore what’s new, what’s next, and the innovations disrupting the industry.

With a plethora of new technologies and trends hitting the market on a daily basis, companies must stay informed while sorting through the chaos often involved with prolific innovation. Leading hospitals and healthcare providers have seized upon the opportunity to improve their quality of care and workflows through technology. In fact, a growing number of health systems now include technology experts into the C-suite and other important areas of leadership. Implementing healthcare technology is not only a priority for healthcare CEOs and administrators, but it also recognized as a crucial step in improving patient engagement. According to Nurses Administration Quarterly, “engaging persons in their health care influences the quality of care,” and leveraging technology enables patients to do just that.

As new technology trends spread like wildfire, we decided to take a closer look into the specifics with Infinite Peripherals Vice-President of Healthcare, Ralph Ignacio. As experts in mobilizing leading U.S. hospitals with scalable healthcare technology solutions, Ralph and Infinite Peripherals were invited to attend Epic UGM for the fifth year in a row.

Epic UGM: Progressive steps forward.

Apart from looking forward to the magical Verona campus, Ralph can’t wait to join the group of progressive thinkers and innovators responsible for the next generation of healthcare solutions.

“I’m anxious to interact with some of Epic’s biggest users,” he explained, “At the conference, we will be exploring the latest advancements in healthcare mobility, and I’m eager to hear how these solutions tie into Epic’s roadmap for the future.”

Ralph anticipates that clinical communication will be one of the biggest takeaways this year. He explained that communication and access to information need to be at the clinicians’ fingertips. Improving the speed and accuracy of clinical alerts and communications is crucial to maintaining a smooth workflow.

Mobility is simply a comprehensive way to improve patient care from the bottom up.

The future of healthcare is paved with compliance

“Clinical communication is just part of a bigger picture,” Ralph said.

The bigger picture? Compliance and efficiency.

“Hospitals and health administrators will face growing requirements to improve the quality of their patient care,” he explained. “Through growing regulations and profit requirements, hospitals should be looking for ways to advance mobility solutions. The logical next step would be better care of the staff and will result in better care of the patient.”

Mobility. Mobility. Mobility.

When asked about the fastest growing trends in the healthcare industry, Ralph immediately replied, “Mobility.”

“Mobility is the future,” he said confidently. “With mobility comes increased communications and simplified workflows.”

How do hospitals incorporate mobility solutions to improve their workflows? Ralph recommends starting simple.

“Start with realistic and executable technology goals,” said Ralph, “and a mobility platform that allows for additional functionality, when you are ready for it. Mobility is simply a comprehensive way to improve patient care from the bottom up.”

There is no doubt about it. Technology is moving the healthcare industry forward, whether providers want to embrace mobility or not. At the end of the day, the industry is growing more competitive and harder to maintain. As the market continues to grow and the possibilities unfold, it is no wonder why Epic’s theme this year evokes “The Great Outdoors.”

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