Enhancing the Fan Experience: Stadium Technology Trends

As evidenced by the wide range of events held during warmer months, an uptick in pleasant weather correlates to an increase in the number of outdoor events available to the public—from sporting events to summer concerts, comedy shows, and beyond. To many attendees, these crowded events mean one thing: stress. However, with the advent of new mobile technologies, the fan experience can quickly become one centered solely around enjoyment.

Flawless and Fast Ticketing

With the advent of new technologies, the influx of guests into venues no longer has to be associated with innately long lines and wait times. By implementing mobile hardware solutions, entertainment venues can improve the guest experience to make ticketing fast and flawless. Smartphones are commonplace, with the share of Americans that own them now at 77%, up from just 35% in 2011 1 , offering a method of device communication for efficient ticketing via near-field communication (NFC). Here venues can take advantage of existing capabilities and in turn reduce paper waste. With event staff at multiple access points to scan ticket barcodes, the entry process is further expedited in comparison to traditional entrance-gate lines.

Further, with NFC and access control solutions, even the need for barcodes can be eliminated. Patrons can simply authenticate their entry with the existence of an NFC-enabled pass on their smartphones, a technology solution that is preferred over competing alternatives such as Bluetooth Beacons and QR codes 2 . Now, entering busy venues can be seamless and stress-free.

Quick and Easy Access to Venues

Mobile technologies innately offer increased efficiency in checking guests into venues, as compared to traditional methods. Therefore, the use of electronic tickets on smartphones is expected to become a common practice, so much so that an ABI report, titled “Mobile Ticketing: Market Acceptance & Review of Competitive Platforms,” forecasts over 34 billion tickets to be sent to mobile devices over the next five years 3 .

Stadium Technology

With a plethora of data collected from these devices, such as the number of individuals entering, where, and when, it can be utilized to streamline the process even further. For example, information surrounding the busiest entry points and peak entry times can be used to redirect traffic and reduce wait times.

Quick and Secure Transactions

Once inside the venue, mobile technologies and point of sale (POS) solutions often exceed guests’ expectations by facilitating fast and secure payments. Mobile options allow for payment wherever and whenever guests are ready. Further, implementing a solution to provide uninterrupted POS functionality in event venues where Internet connectivity could be unreliable creates great event experiences for customers. Rather than waiting in line and missing a performance, a highlight, or a game-winning play, these solutions allow transactions to occur quickly and get guests back to the action. Additionally, by implementing NFC options, guests can even make contactless payments via wristbands, fobs, or their phones. In fact, it is projected that the number of worldwide consumers using mobile wallets will grow by 30 percent between 2017 and 20194.

Stadium Technology

The benefits of using these technologies, especially for entry and payment processes, are strong for both venues and guests. With these, venues increase revenue, and guests are provided with a stress-free and enjoyable time that they will surely want to experience again and again.

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