Revel POS Retail

Updated: 8/13/2015
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Revel POS Retail

Revel iPad POS is the cash register for the 21st century. This mobile POS software provides up-to-the-minute reporting to track the sales at your retail store in real time. There is no back-of-the-house server needed, no mandatory contracts, and no hidden fees or charges. Welcome to the Future of Point of Sale!

Modern service industry business owners and managers have so many different pieces to keep track of that it is very easy for unseen inefficiencies to lead to potential loss of revenue. Failure to recognize and track trends, uninformed purchasing decisions and unmitigated employee theft can lead to huge, and often unnoticed losses. Many business owners fail to recognize these easily avoidable pitfalls. Revel Systems’ Point of Sale (POS) tracks and reports on all business activities, including employee tracking, scheduling, payroll, inventory management, and detailed sales reporting.

Designed specifically for retail establishments, the Revel Retail POS is the ultimate in quick, convenient and easy to use retail management software for brick and mortar, or even mobile retailers. With the sleek design of the iPad and Revel’s intuitive UI, our Retail POS makes a strong statement that customers will remember. With our integrated CRM system, business owners can track loyal customers as well as offer integrated gift card and reward programs. Mobile units allow employees to not only check out customers directly from the floor, but also look up, update or override inventory on the fly. Sales reports by employee can help calculate commissions, while our detailed reporting modules offer insight into all aspects of your business.

Administrators and managers can also set up automatic alerts and reports as well as track trends, inform purchasing decisions, and monitor potential fraud. With included support and software updates, the customer will always have an up-to-date and fully functional system.

Revel Systems’ Point of Sale Management Console and corresponding iPad application are cloud based; all reporting and data is accessible in real time from any web browser.

Have questions? Please give us a ring! Our team is standing by 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We’d love to discuss how our Award Winning solution will help your business.

Retail POS Features:
-Matrix Inventory
-Sales Floor Check-Out
-Purchase Order and Inventory Console Integration
-Hand Held Inventory Management
-iPod Customer Display
-Gift and Loyalty Programs
-Daily Deal Integration

Revel Offers:

Award Winning Technology – “Best Business iPad App of the Year” – Macworld.

True Offline Mode – With Revel, you are no longer tied to the Internet. Printers will print, terminals will “speak”, scanners will scan, and credit cards will continue to be accepted. Revel allows your business to never miss a beat.

Security and PCI Compliance – Revel offers industry leading fraud protection and is 100% PCI compliant. Your business will always be safe from fraudulent activity and not be at risk for exorbitant PCI compliance fines!

Unlimited Upgrades – Always have the latest and greatest

Enterprise Cloud Computing – Manage your business live and up-to-the-minute from anywhere in the world. With your personal URL website, you are able track all of your businesses with one URL site.

Solution for All Industries – Do you own several businesses? With Revel, you can now manage all of your businesses with one system! Revel has a solution for Quick Service and Table Serve Restaurants, Retail, Grocery, and Events

Supported Hardware:
-iPad Mini