Jeff Scott
Chief Executive Officer

Since co-founding Infinite Peripherals in 1993, CEO Jeff Scott has never been a “title-hungry person.” Instead, Jeff has focused on playing any role that’s needed to first understand client challenges and then help them become more efficient when transacting business with their customers. Along the way, Jeff has helped some of the leading brands in the U.S. enable mobile technologies so their teams can interact with customers quickly and easily. The long roster includes a number major companies spanning across retail, healthcare, transportation, and direct store deliveries. The biggest innovation that Jeff pioneered occurred when Infinite Peripherals became the very first company to develop an enterprise-based product for a multinational technology company’s product line. The success of the partnership has helped propel Infinite Peripherals into one of the leading providers of enterprise mobile solutions—with more than one million accessory and peripheral devices deployed.

“The rapid pace of mobility drives our passion at Infinite Peripherals, but we strive first to ease the technology pains of our customers,” Scott says. “We help our customers by showing them how to leverage technology so they can automate customer interactions. We also make sure we always listen and never dictate. A lot of companies tell you what you need because they want to sell you what they have—instead of listening to what you need and doing what’s best for you. As a privately-held company, we are not beholden to quotas, share-holder returns, and board mandates. We’re obligated only to our customers and our employees.”

Jeff sets the tone at Infinite Peripherals by promoting a company culture where everyone works hard but also has fun. On occasions, Jeff has brought in a professional chef to cook breakfast and lunch. His passion for food is legendary—he’s a connoisseur of fine-dining restaurants around the world and can recommend top choices for many major U.S. cities. His number one recommendation: K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen in New Orleans.

Having graduated from the University of Southern California, he also remains a big supporter of USC athletics—especially the football team—and has been a season ticket-holder for the Los Angeles Lakers for many years. Jeff is also an avid coin collector, especially international coins.